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Healthiest Teas

You have just landed on, a site created by tea fanatics for everyone who wants to learn more about this healthy drink, whether you’re a diehard coffee fan looking to make the switch or a lifelong tea drinker looking to experiment with new flavors. Knowledge is power and it’s our mission to spread as much knowledge about teas as possible.

So take a virtual seat, kick-back, grab your favorite mug of tea and peruse the website. You can use the menus at the top to browse through our content, but if you want us to bore you a little more as we blow our own trumpet, then keep reading.

Why We Love Tea

There are many reasons why we love tea and we’re sure that tea drinkers of the world will feel the same way. These are just a few of the reasons why we love it and why we created so we could write about it.


Depending on who you ask (more on this in our The Most Popular Drink in the World guide) tea is either the most popular drink in the world or the second most. This data is based on the amount of product consumed, either on a per cup or per pound basis, but if you focus purely on the healthiest drink in the world, nothing in the top ten comes close.

Health Benefits

Tea hydrates as well as water, it contains more antioxidants than coffee and there are none of those processed sugars you will find in soda or the fast-acting carbs you will find in fruit juices. Tea does contain caffeine if it comes from the camellia sinensis plant, but it’s nowhere near as much as coffee and in moderation in healthy individuals it’s a perfectly safe drug.

And if caffeine is a problem then there are ways to enjoy this great drink that don’t involve this mild stimulant. Speaking of which…


Healthy Teas
If black tea is your bag then you can explore everything from mild and fragrant Darjeeling, grown in a region of the same name, to the strong Ceylon. If you prefer smoky then you have Russian Caravan, which is a blend of smoky teas and Lapsang Souchong, a strong smoked tea produced in China. There is also aged Pu-erh, and a great number of blends.

All of these teas have their own unique taste profile, and once you venture into green tea and white tea those flavors change completely. Away from the tea plant you have rooibos, honeybush, linden, sage and sideritis, all of which are great tasting and very healthy herbal teas. And that’s before we even touch upon the many fruit teas and flavoured teas.


Tea is often rooted in the culture of a region, from the Matcha Tea consumed as part of zen practices in Japan to the teas drunk as part of shaman rituals all over the world. There is something innately natural about the process of growing, harvesting and consuming tea because there is minimal processing involved with most varieties and they are consumed without additives.

Even countries like the UK have tea at the very heart of their culture, as it’s served in every household and as a guest in a British home you’ll always be welcomed in from the cold with a cup of tea.

Why We Write About Tea

There is a lot of great information out there about tea, but it can often be misleading and exaggerated. There is a trend for health websites to focus on minimal nutritional values and to exaggerate their benefits. These articles are often titled “10 Reasons why [Superfood] is Good for You” and they tend to run short of ideas after number 3 or 4, at which point they begin making claims that something can fight against colds and flus just because it contains a marginal amount of vitamin C.

In creating we wanted to provide information that was honest and didn’t claim benefits just for the sake of padding out a listicle. We strive to provide honest, helpful information. And if that means debunking health claims, listing side effects and talking about potential pitfalls of consuming certain teas, then so be it. If more people know about the benefits of drinking tea and the actual science behind them then our goal has been achieved.

Supporting Healthy-Teas

Healthy Herbal Teas

One day we would like to create our own blends of tea and sell them right here, but who wouldn’t? The truth is, we know that’s probably not going to happen and we’re okay with that. Providing we can keep on drinking it, writing about it, reviewing it and giving ourselves many other reasons to buy more, consume more and learn more, then we’re happy.

If you would like to support the work that we do, helping us on our mission to drink as much tea as humanly possible and to keep paying our writers to do the same, then just bookmark, enjoy the content and keep coming back. We limit our ads and affiliates because we prefer to work with sponsors as that allows us to remain honest, so every second you spend on the site is a second that benefits us and supports the work that we do.

Learn More About Us

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