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About Us

About Healthy Teas

Healthy Teas is your best source for healthy herbal teas, a website created by tea lovers who are always looking to experiment with new flavors and new experiences, but one that is always ready to research into these beforehand and review them afterwards. But just who are the people behind Healthy Teas, why do we do what we do, and what do we have planned for the website?

Who Owns Healthy Teas?

There are four writers behind Healthy Teas, one of which is the owner. That’s it. We’re not a huge corporation, we’re not a big company. The reason we have been able to build such a big, content-rich site so quickly is because the writing team is prolific and has worked on many other projects and the owner has just as much experience and also owns a few other sites.

A year prior to the launch of Healthy Teas we wanted to create a few tea related sites that drew from our experience in the health sector, mostly as website owners and freelance health writers. We created the sites, wrote about the ones we liked and knew about and the teas we don’t like and didn’t know about, and left our affiliations open.

We had no ads in the beginning because there’s no point advertising anything if there is no one there to read it. As we grew, we began creating partnerships with tea companies and retailers who we were happy to partner with. This means that our content came before our partnerships, which in turn means that everything you see and read is unbiased and honest, just the way it should be.

Who Are Healthy Teas?

We mentioned that there are four writers in the Healthy Teas team, so just who are they, what do they do and why do they work on this site?

The owner, Eli, is a hard working freelance health writer and journalist who has been passionate about tea for most of his 40 years, at least as far as he can remember. He was born in the US to British parents and moved to the UK when he was a teenager. Throughout that time his experience of drinking tea was of imported blends, Lipton tea and iced tea. When he arrived in the UK he was introduced to many more types of tea and this is where his passion for the beverage truly took hold.

Eli is the site’s main writer along with Susan, a fellow American whose preference has always leaned more towards coffee, but who became a big tea drinker just a few years ago, focusing on herbal teas, fruit teas and other health varieties.

Melanie and Mary, the site’s other two writers, are both based in the UK and have worked with Eli on many other projects, jumping onboard with this one because of their passion for tea in all of its forms.

The Healthy Teas team also includes Alf, a developer, coder and all-round Mr. Tech Fix-it who helped to stitch this site together and has also helped Eli with his other projects.

Are You Accepting Anymore Members?

As you may have gathered from the description above, the Healthy Teas team are a very close-knit unit. We have worked on many projects together, including a few tea-related projects we created at the same time as this one. We’ve freelanced together, we’ve built sites together, written reviews together and many years ago we even created a forum (on a completely different subject and it feels like a lifetime ago now).

We have been able to handle everything ourselves and have been happy with taking each project as it comes. As a result, we’re not looking for any new writers, designers or developers and this will likely never change.

As discussed on our Write For Us page we may be interested in looking at your bio and a sample of your work if you want to try writing an occasional article for the site, but this would be on a contractual basis and we can’t promise anything with regards to long-term work. However, should we need to grow Healthy Teas at a greater rate than we first thought, then we may need more work and more dedicated writers, and at that point we’d happily welcome any temporary workers onboard full time.

Do You Sell Tea?

Healthy Teas About

We don’t sell tea ourselves here on Healthy Teas, but we do affiliate with companies that do. We like to offer our customers a little extra though, so we made sure we affiliate only with companies that we are happy to use ourselves and products we are happy to drink ourselves. In fact, the product often comes first, and if that product page proves popular then and only then do we look for a brand to sponsor it with the same product.

Another way in which we try to go the extra mile is by securing our customers discounts from the site that we affiliate with. This isn’t always possible for a site our size, but we have secured a number of such offers in the past and that’s why many of the outgoing links you see to tea blends and tea sites contain coupon codes and discount codes.

Our Affiliations

In our Contact Us you will find an FAQ and this includes information on what to do if you want to talk with us about sponsorship. We have had a lot of requests regarding this here on Healthy Teas and we have also received countless emails about it on our other websites. It’s something that has actually tired us out, because it results in a lot of spam.

You would be surprised at how many seemingly big and respected companies have essentially spammed us with requests for us to join affiliate programs. We know they are not interested in our site, because it’s clear the same message has been copied and pasted to many others and they always ignore our instructions. As a result of messages like this we are often very dubious when receiving sponsorship requests and tend to be more committed and loyal to the ones we already have.

However, that doesn’t mean we’re not willing to look into genuinely interested requests. If you would like to discuss this with us and are willing to agree to sponsored placements that offer us and our readers something, then we would be happy to consider.

With regards to affiliate programs, we have accepted similar offers in the past, but these are personalized, specific, highly relevant and very rewarding for all parties. Most affiliate programs are just not like that.