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Adagio Tea Reviews: The Blends and the Brand in 2018

Adagio Tea Reviews

Looking for something that’s a little less common than your run of the mill tea? Adagio Tea might have the blend you’re craving. With fun flavors like Berry Crème Compote and Lemon Meringue Tea, Adagio Teas are a little outside the norm.

But how do they taste? Let’s look at who Adagio Tea are and what people are saying.

Who Are Adagio Tea?

Adagio Tea is a very small tea company begun in 1999 by Sophie Kreymerman. The Adagio Tea story is actually quite similar to that of Bigelow – Kreymerman was known locally and by her friends for her tea. So, as any intelligent person would do, she began to market a signature blend.

The company began as a little teashop with a computer to fulfil a few online orders. Since 1999, the company (which then employed three people) has grown to include two American warehouses. One is in California and one in New Jersey.

The company isn’t a multinational one, and it still employs only a handful of people. But Adagio is available in some surprising stores, and the company has done well at branding itself as a “different” kind of tea.

Types of Adagio Tea

Like most tea companies, Adagio sells a wide variety of blends. There are matchas and blacks, as well as chai blends and flavored specialty teas.

Among the blends available from Adagio Tea are Blood Orange, Turmeric Bliss, Peach Serenity and Kona Pineapple, Of course, you can also shop from classic gunpowders, Earl Grey blends and Scottish Breakfasts.

There are scores of teas and flavors available at Adagio Tea; it may be hard to choose just one. If you can’t, that’s no problem. Adagio also sells gifts and samplers.

Adagio Tea Reviews

Adagio Tea
It’s for certain that there are plenty of teas to choose from. But are they worth the trip to the website to shop? Here’s what people are saying.

First, customers all agree that the website is super fun to shop. You can choose from the blends Adagio Tea has created. Or, you can use the “create your own” blend feature and come up with literally any blend you want from the available choices.

Secondly, customers agree in Adagio Tea reviews that the teas are packaged well and suitable for gift giving. Most shoppers recommend that you subscribe to the site for announcements, as shipping is frequently offered free.

However, the praise stops there. People who have tried the tea say that, while some are good, many others are weak, bitter and leave an aftertaste. And the experiences people have had with customer service at Adagio Tea are downright abysmal.

It would seem that Adagio Tea reviews are hit or miss. However, if you’re looking to make a purchase, the common consensus is that you should buy your tea from a retailer and not direct from the company.

Where to Buy Adagio Tea

Curious to try Adagio Tea yourself? You can find it in a few places. Of course, you can purchase the tea from the Adagio website. Be sure to keep an eye out for specials and shipping deals.

If you’d rather not risk the customer service experience, you can also find select Adagio Tea blends on Amazon, and at Bed Bath & Beyond.