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American Tea Room Review: Where Did it Go? (NEW FOR 2018)

American Tea Room Review

American Tea Room was an “oasis” in the heart of southern California. Recently, the retailer and tea bar decided to return to its online-only presence, and closed operations at its three retail locations.

Fortunately, former visitors of American Tea Room can still purchase the teas and gifts available at American Tea Room. Read on to find out more about this tea retailer.

Who are American Tea Room

American Tea Room previously had three brick and mortar locations in southern California. Visitors to Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and Newport Beach could enjoy a relaxing afternoon sipping tea, away from the noisy coffee houses common to the area.

In addition to selling loose leaf tea blends, American Tea Company was also known for its many choices in gift ware, tea sets, matcha bowls and other “tea accessories.” It was, in short, a one stop shop for all things tea.

Customers loved the affordability of the teas and drinks at American Tea Room, as well as the knowledgeable staff. Visitors frequently raved that each staff member seemed proud to work there, had answers to all their questions, and, of course, were friendly and polite.

American Tea Rooms are closed now, so you may be wondering why we’re sharing this information with you. As mentioned, you can still buy teas and gifts from American Tea Room online. And, usually, you’ll be dealing with the same knowledgeable and friendly staff.

American Tea Room Reviews

American Tea Room
Those who were fortunate enough to have visited American Tea Room before they closed in November of 2017 can speak for the quality of the teas sold at the locations. Those are the same teas shipped to your home via the online store.

You’ll choose from a selection of white teas, red teas, blacks, greens and blends, and American Tea Rooms all say the teas are delivered fresh. So what else are others saying about American Tea Room?

One customer said she had been a long time customer of the Beverly Hills location. But when the tea houses shut down, she continued to buy online. She said, “the tea I ordered was exactly what I’d expect from American Tea Room. I’m disappointed they closed, but glad I can still order from them.”

Another customer said the tea he ordered was spilled when he received it. He called customer service and they immediately shipped another order to him, no questions asked.

Finally, customers continue to rave about the selection of teas. In the physical locations, customers would order from a seasonal menu. Now, almost all selections are available year-round.

Should You Buy American Tea Room Tea?

Bad reviews of American Tea Room are few and far between. Customers say the teas are still just as good and the staff just as friendly as when the physical locations were open.

Unfortunately, you can’t visit American Tea Room anymore. But if you’re looking for a few mail-order teas or tea gifts, American Tea Room is a good option for you.