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Amoda Tea Review: Is this Tea Subscription Service Worth It? (2018)

Amoda Tea

Elsewhere on Healthy Teas, we explored a few options for tea of the month clubs. Amoda Tea offers a subscription service, and is worth looking into.

But you don’t have to subscribe to Amoda to taste the teas. Here’s what you need to know about the company, and about Amoda Tea.

Who are Amoda Tea?

Amoda is a tea supplier, yes. But they do tea a little differently. They sell tea as “superfoods,” incorporating ingredients such as supermushrooms and elevated plant powders.

The teas offered by Amoda Tea are listed by the health benefits they’re presumed to provide. For example, there’s a cold and flu tea as well as a pre-workout energizer. You’ll also find a wake up maté and a daily nourishing blend.

The Amoda Tea line is organic, and the company says their teas are ethically sourced. So what are others saying about Amoda Tea? Let’s take a look.

Amoda Tea Reviews

Amoda Tea Review
Rather than go through the Amoda Tea line of products one by one, we’ll outline a few of the best and worst reviews of the products. There are frankly too many products to review on just one page.

First, the company makes a turmeric ginger tea. This is best mixed into smoothies, and the reviews of the product were great. Customers said that, once you got used to the taste of the tea, it was pretty yummy. Some said the tea helped them sleep.

Speaking of sleep, Amoda Tea also sells a Sleep Tea. This also got excellent reviews. Customers said it was gentle and did have a calming effect. However, some said the taste was a bit strong for their liking.

The pre-workout energy tea didn’t fare so well. Customers said that while the product did give them a bit of energy, they didn’t feel the price was worth the effort. This Amoda Tea also didn’t blend well with liquids, and customers cited a “chalky” experience.

If you’re curious about that herbal remedy for the cold and flu, you might want to look at a different brand. Customers of Amoda Tea said that the herbal remedy tea tasted great. Unfortunately, most said it didn’t work. They agreed that there are other herbal remedies on the market which are much more effective.

Should You Try Amoda Tea?

Amoda Tea isn’t the least expensive of teas. But for the most part the teas are fairly affordable. Based on customer reviews, we can’t really recommend the herbal remedy tea. But we’re willing to give the pre-workout blend a second look.

The biggest complaint about the pre-workout Amoda Tea was that it didn’t mix with liquid. But as we looked a little deeper, we discovered that customers got around this by incorporating the tea into a smoothie.

Amoda Tea is only available online – you won’t find it in stores. But we feel that if you’re willing to go through the hassle of online ordering,

Amoda Tea might be a good option for people looking to supplement their workout or their health supplements.