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Argo Tea Review: A Unique Tea Shop in the Heart of Illinois

Argo Tea Review
Looking for a brand of tea that is well established? A shop that and has virtually everything you need for your tea collection – from tea sachets and bottled teas to tea making accessories and gifts? Take a closer look at Argo Tea.

Argo Tea

Argo Tea is a tea company founded in 2003 in Chicago, Illinois by migrants from Armenia and France. Within just a decade of its founding, the company went from an American retail chain to an international success story, opening its first international location in Lebanon.

Argo Tea boasts a large variety of teas and tea-related products and gifts. Since there’s a lot to talk about, we’ll break it down for you:

Silk Tea Sachets

Argo Tea makes a variety of tea sachets, similar to traditional tea bags, which are used to steep hot tea. The tea sachets are made from quality tea leaves and other ingredients like pieces of dried fruit to create full-bodied blends. Flavors include both the classics, like First Flush Darjeeling and Earl Grey, and also more exotic flavors like Masala Chai and Hibiscus Apple tea.

The sachets come in boxes of 15 individually wrapped sachets, and average about $10 USD per box. While the price per sachet is a bit on the more expensive side, you’d be hard pressed to find an unsatisfied customer.

Loose Leaf Teas

Argo Tea also sells their teas in loose leaf form for true tea enthusiasts. They offer 50 flavors, ranging from the basic everyday teas we love to unusual and rare varieties from all over the world. The prices per ounce vary, depending on the rarity of the blend.

Flavors include Assam, Blueberry White, Armenian Mint, Oolong Coconut, and many, many more!

Bottled Teas

Argo Tea
If crisp, refreshing iced tea is what you crave, Argo Tea bottles several of their delicious blends, such as Hibiscus Tea Sangria and Green Tea Ginger Twist. As with most bottled iced teas, remember to check the nutrition label for sugar content. Argo Tea does contain fair trade organic cane sugar.

Argo iced tea bottles are available at many grocery and convenience stores. You can also purchase Argo bottled iced tea by cases of 12, for about $30 USD.

Other Products from Argo

You definitely need not go without the proper equipment and accessories to brew your own Argo tea at home. You can purchase everything you could possibly need on their website, from colorful tea pots and mugs to infusers, filters, strainers and sachet holders.

Do you need a gift for a friend? Look no further than Argo’s gift section, which offers beautifully packaged tea sets and samplers, tea accessories, and gift cards.

Tea Subscriptions

If you are as passionate about tea as we are, you might be interested in Argo’s curated tea subscriptions. Subscription plans vary from monthly to every three months, and you can sign up for a 6 month or yearly subscription.

Each package delivers premium teas, along with tasting tips, information about the origins of the selections, and more. It’s a great way for connoisseurs of tea to delve deeper into the flavors Argo Tea has to offer.

Should You Buy Argo Tea?

While Argo Tea products do tend to be more expensive than some of their competitors’ products, the variety that Argo provides in both their tea blends and in their tea related products is unmatched.