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Arizona Tea Review: Famous Tea Cans in the US (NEW FOR 2018)

Arizona Tea Review

Everyone’s heard of Arizona Tea, right? They’re those giant cans you can buy for less than a dollar at the local service station. Or you may see the bottled version in the checkout line of the grocery store.

Is iced tea all Arizona has to offer? Are there benefits to drinking Arizona Tea? Read on to learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Arizona Tea.

Who are AriZona Tea?

The first thing you need to understand about AriZona Tea is that the company was actually born in Brooklyn. As you may know, that’s about as far from the desert lands of Arizona as you can get. They’re a new company; they’ve only been around since 1992. But in that time the company has managed to become a household name in tea.

Sweet tea might not be every tea drinker’s “thing.” And while AriZona does include tea in the list of ingredients on its cans, the truth is that it’s mostly water, high fructose corn syrup and a few other ingredients. So why do so many people still drink AriZona tea? Are there health benefits to the drink?

Not really. While some of the AriZona products have ingredients which are beneficial, the teas are really not much more than soft drinks. Don’t misunderstand – they’re delicious! But if you’re in search of healthy teas, AriZona may not be your best option.

Are There Benefits of AriZona Tea?

Arizona Tea Healthy
Actually, there are a few benefits of AriZona teas. But they may not come in the form you’d expect.

First of all, as noted, there are a few teas with ingredients which could be classified as healthy. Ginseng, for example, is great for controlling blood sugar levels, works as an anti-inflammatory and can help reduce your feelings of stress. And honey has antibacterial properties.

Green tea itself has been proven to benefit health. Lower risk of heart disease is one apparent benefit. Diabetes control and cancer prevention are two more. And the general consensus is that green tea can help you lose weight (although they say the same about everything from Rooibos to Pu’erh).

Those ingredients aside, there may be one other health benefit to AriZona tea: the lack of carbonation. While tea can stain your teeth, acidic carbonated drinks can literally dissolve them. If it’s dental health you’re interested in, AriZona is certainly a great alternative to, say, Mountain Dew.

AriZona Tea Products

Tea drinkers don’t generally consider AriZona teas to be high end drinks. If you’re serving tea to friends, you wouldn’t pull out a jug of AriZona any more than you’d serve McDonald’s brew.

But for a quick gas station pit stop, AriZona tea can be a nice refreshing little treat. You can choose from sweet tea, green tea blends and even half and half. If you’re not familiar, half and hald teas are half tea, half lemonade.

What’s more is that AriZona has committed to selling those huge 23 ounce cans for $.99 each. It’s not the healthiest choice in the world, but AriZona offers a tasty tea you can buy with the change in your console.