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Contact Us

Here at we have made it our mission to cover the best teas, the best herbs and the best ways you can stay healthy and enjoy yourself. We publish a lot of content, work with several top writers and often get a number of questions as a result of this. If you have a question for our writers, editors or owners, then you can use this page to get in touch.

Before you do, however, we ask that you read the following frequently asked questions first.

What is Your Favorite Tea?

There are a few of us here and we all have different favorites. If we had to focus on one single type of tea it would probably be matcha tea, a potent green tea that works wonders for your health. But we’ve been just as won over by Greek mountain tea of late, which is why you will find so many articles on the tea.

Do you Accept Guest Posts?

No, we do not. Our writers are paid to write content and this content includes only relevant links. We are not averse to linking to tea companies, tea blogs and other tea sites, but only if our writers and editors deem those links to be relevant and never if we have been approached about such an inclusion.

Can You Include my Site as a Resource?

A lot of the requests we get are from fellow webmasters asking if we can link to their blog from an already published article or from our resource section. This is not something we can do. Our articles are rarely updated and never to add links unless we are amending a mistake, a dead link or something similar.

Will You Join Our Affiliate Program?

Again, this is a no and we have to be pretty firm with this. A lot of companies have asked us this question since we launched and we’ve had it asked on our other sites as well. It seems that no matter how many times we insert this question and answer into our FAQ, it still keeps coming.

We do work with affiliates, but we choose these ourselves. In most cases we actually prefer not to work with them at all, instead choosing only to work with sponsors. Speaking of which….

Can I Sponsor You?

You definitely can. However, we have to make a few things clear first:

  • We don’t offer guest posts or backlinks as part of our sponsored program
  • We only work with companies on a long term basis and only if we agree with their service or like their product (we are happy to receive samples before a deal is arranged)
  • There is limited space for sponsored programs as we don’t want a site full of ads
  • Our packages are for a minimum of 6 months

You can use the contact form below if you want to ask us about sponsorship, but please keep the previous questions in mind.

I Noticed a Typo, Will you Fix it?


Of course! These do occur, we’re only human. A lot of the content on this site is written by the owners and friends of the owners, all of whom write for free. We do pay writers to help us keep up with demand, but even they make mistakes. So, please don’t chastise us. Just let us know what the issue is and if it’s bugging you (it would bug us too, so we understand) then we will happily fix it.

Can I Write for You?

Contrary to what we said above, there are circumstances in which we may be happy to accept your submissions. However, this does not include guest posts. If you would like to learn more then pay a visit to our Write for Us page. Here you will find guidelines on what to submit, how to submit, what we do with your submissions, and more. Please read through these guidelines before using the contact form at the end as submissions that blatantly ignore these guidelines may be ignored.

When you Contact Us

Please keep the following in mind before you use the contact form below:

  • We may not respond to questions that have already been addressed in the FAQ above, so please read this through before continuing.
  • We will try to respond to your question (if a response is needed) within 72 hours, but this may take longer during holidays.
  • If you have not received a response within the quoted timeframe, and if your question has not been addressed above, please feel free to send us a query with details of your initial question or comment.

You can also take a look at our Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions to learn more about how we treat your information when it is sent to us.