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David’s Tea Review: North American Tea at its Best? (NEW for 2018)

Davids Tea

When you think of Montreal, what comes to mind? Dinner cruises? Street art? What about tea? David’s Tea is the largest Canadian-based tea boutique, and it’s based in Montreal, Quebec.

But you don’t have to travel to Canada to drink David’s Tea. It’s available in stores in the United States and Canada, as well as online. Read on to learn more about David’s Tea and David’s Tea reviews.

Who are David’s Tea?

David’s Tea is a young company; it was founded in 2008. But in that time, the company has don’t quite well for itself. It’s the largest specialty tea boutique in the country, and competes with the likes of Teavana and Starbucks.

There are almost 100 David’s Tea locations across the United States and Canada, and the company also does a large portion of its sales online. So what’s so great about David’s Tea? What’s got customers flocking to the stores to choose from dozens of loose leaf tea blends?

Usually, it’s the customer service. David’s Tea reviews rave about the culture of customer service both in the physical locations and online. The staff are knowledgeable and polite, and always willing to assist with any questions or concerns.

But, of course, it’s the tea itself that really keeps customers coming back. David’s Tea offers a huge variety of blends, most marketed with fun flavors and even more fun names.

What Does David’s Tea Sell?

Davids Tea Review
David’s Tea is what you’d consider a “mall store.” In fact, it has many locations within malls in the United States and Canada. A good deal of revenue comes from foot traffic through those malls, as the stores are appealing and smell oh-so good.

The tea blends at David’s consist of pretty much anything you can think of. You’ll find whites, greens, blacks, matchas, Rooibos and many caffeine free herbal teas.

It’s a good thing the David’s Tea staff is knowledgeable about the products, as the tea names are more “clever” than descriptive. Examples of teas you’ll find at David’s Tea include:

  • Magic Potion
  • Turmeric Glow
  • Me to We Tea
  • Goji Pop
  • Bear Trap

The containers are properly marked, but customers love that they can ask staff any questions about the blends.

In addition to tea, David’s Tea sells a variety of tea accessories. Tea pots and kettles, insulated mugs and tea strainers for loose tea all line the shelves of David’s Tea.

David’s Tea Reviews

You’d be hard pressed to find a bad review of David’s Tea. Those who love it are hooked. Those who don’t like it have a few reasons for their opinions.

First, there were a few customers who had a rough run-in with a member of staff. Some were accused of putting their nose too close to the tea. (Yes, really.) Others had used the restroom without making a purchase.

Second, there are reviews which would warn potential customers of David’s Tea that the teas are artificially flavored. However, it’s important to note that David’s Tea is clear about this; the ingredients are plainly listed on the containers.

Should I Buy David’s Tea?

David’s Tea won’t give you herbal cures or organic teas. But if you’re looking for something fun to spice up your tea cabinet, most David’s Tea reviews say David’s is a great place to go.

The tea is reasonably priced, and even if you’re not close to a David’s Tea location you can have fresh tea shipped to your home.