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Dilmah Tea Review: One of the Best Grocery Store Brands (2018)

Dilmah Tea

Dilmah Tea is a name brand you may not hear every day. But it’s widely available in the United States, including at stores like Walmart and Target. If you bypass Dilmah Tea and opt instead for Stash or Lipton, keep reading. You might change your mind the next time you’re shopping your grocery store for tea.

Who are Dilmah Tea?

Dilmah Tea are as authentic as they come. They’re processors of Ceylon, or Sri Lankan, tea. And yes, you guessed it. They’re headquartered in Sri Lanka.

Dilmah Tea, comparatively speaking, isn’t a very old company. It was begun in 1988 making it just 30 years of age. But in that time it’s established a reputation.

The Dilmah Tea company is known first and foremost for its fair trade practices. The company was founded when the tea industry began to change hands from local growers to large corporations. Tea was changing, and Dilmah’s mission was to keep tea local and in the hands of those who knew the industry best.

It’s also known for only using locally sourced and pure Ceylon tea. The tea gardens are tended by locals and is packaged shortly after harvest to preserve freshness.

Founded by Merrill J Fernando, the company now donates at least 10% of its proceeds to the MJF Charitable Foundation and Dilmah Conservation. In other words, the company means to give back to the community.

Finally, the company employs those in the community who would otherwise be jobless. By granting employment to these people and by giving charitably to the community, Dilmah Tea strives to create sustainability.

What Does Dilmah Tea Offer?

Dilmah Tea Review
The company mission and standards are great, but how’s the tea?

You won’t find a hundred blends of red teas, whites, greens and blacks at Dilmah Tea. Instead, the company has chosen to focus solely on one tea – the Ceylon tea they’ve become known for.

Dilmah Tea gets mixed reviews. On the one hand there are the tea drinkers who swear by the stuff. They’ll tell you it’s the smoothest, most delicious brand of Ceylon tea on the market.

Then there are those who couldn’t care less. They’ll tell you they don’t understand what all the hype is about. People who say they’ve been tea drinkers for years have also said they’ve noticed nothing spectacular about the tea.

We suppose different people have different preferences. But we also know that much of the reputation of Dilmah Tea is derived from its commitment to sustainability, community and the environment. There’s certainly something to be said for that.

Where Can You Find Dilmah Tea?

Dilmah Tea is processed and packaged in Sri Lanka, then shipped to retailers worldwide. There’s a good chance you’ll find it at your local grocery store. If not, try Walmart or Target.

If you can’t find Dilmah Tea in your local brick and mortars, you’ll certainly find it online. You can order this Ceylon tea from Amazon and other ecommerce sites. Buy in bulk and you will get it even cheaper and have all the tea you could need for months to come.