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Dr Miller’s Holy Tea Review: Is It Really a Miracle Tea (2018)

Dr Miller’s Holy Tea

Looking for a miracle tea to cure all your ailments? Many people claim that Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea is just the thing. So what is Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea meant to do? Does it work? Let’s look at the product, and what it can (or can’t) do for you.

Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea

First of all, who is this Dr. Miller and what’s so holy about his tea? Well, we’ll keep it short and sweet. Dr. Miller holds a PhD in Nutritional Science, though it’s not public knowledge from where he received his degree.

Over the past three decades, Dr. Miller has been working with patients in two clinics in Jackson, Tennessee. He’s a general practitioner, and was disappointed in the general health of his patients. So, he decided to create some teas.

Dr. Miller has a whole line of tea products. Those products include “Love Potion #9,” Holy Tea, Super Holy Tea and Spring Clean Herbal Detoxifier. Interestingly enough, Dr. Miller also develops products for pets.

But what about Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea? The product is meant to detox the body, aid digestion and may help weight loss. Does it work? What are customers saying about Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea?

Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea Reviews

Dr Miller’s Holy Tea Review

First, take a look at the ingredients in Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea. They are:

  • Persimmon leaves – used to treat fluid retention in Japanese medicine.
  • Malva leaves – traditionally used to treat sore throats and cough.
  • Holy thistle – used to treat loss of appetite and indigestion * Marshmallow leaves – used to soothe the stomach as well as the respiratory tract.
  • Blessed thistle – used to treat colds and a cough as well as diarrhea and to aid breastfeeding mothers.

So, with these ingredients, how likely is Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea to benefit weight loss?

Not very, according to reviews. A majority of people who reviewed this product said they experienced no weight loss whatsoever. However, many of them said that they did experience a decrease in heartburn.

It would be impossible to list every benefit of this tea claimed by Dr. Miller. You can check out his claims on his website. But those who have used the tea say that, while the tea tastes “fine,” they haven’t seen any benefit to drinking the tea at all.

Should You Buy Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea?

Dr. Miller is very unclear as to what his tea is supposed to be used for. On his website, he claims that it can be used for cough and cold, kidney health, detox and weight loss and even for softer, healthier skin.

There’s no known panacea for humans to be cured of all their ailments. Every now and then, a snake oil hits the market, and thousands of customers buy into it. Judging from the reviews, Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea seems to be one of them.

Our recommendation to you is this: if you’re looking for a product to help you with a medical condition or an ailment, check with your doctor before you buy Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea. There’s probably something she can recommend to you – even a herbal product – which has a better guarantee of providing the results you’re looking for.