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Fit Tea Review: Can It Really Help you to Lose Weight?

Fit Tea

Everyone wants to be a healthy weight, and there are quite a number of tea products out there which are marketed as fitness or weight loss teas. Fit Tea is one of these. Fit Tea claims to be a detoxifying tea blend of certified organic herbs, formulated to enhance an individual’s weight management. This particular brand even has the celebrity endorsements of Kourtney Kardashian and Kylie Jenner.

So, is Fit Tea worthy of all the hype?

Fit Tea Products

Fit Tea is sells a variety of weight management products, not all of which are tea. Fit Tea sells Tea Detox, a tea for brewing; Fit Tea Stick Packs, which can be mixed with bottled water for an on-the-go beverage; Fit Tea Fatburner, green tea extract in capsule form; Fit Tea Shakes, and more.

The detox tea blends come in 14- and 28-day packages and are similar to more traditional teas which are brewed from a teabag. The blends include matcha, oolong and other tea leaves, but Fit Tea also incorporates ingredients you might not expect (or want) to see in a tea blend, like stevia and citric acid. Other ingredients in Fit Tea Detox tea are ginger, honey, and sea salt.

The Detox tea claims it will, with regular use, flush your system, curb your appetite, and help you lose weight. Fit Tea Detox directs you to drink one cup every morning, with or without breakfast.

The key ingredients in Fit Tea Detox blends which may aid weight-loss are garcinia cambogia extract and guarana. Garcinia cambogia has been found in at least one double-blind study to be somewhat effective as a weight-loss aid. Guarana is a stimulant which can be commonly found in many energy drinks and shots, and which is sometimes marketed as a weight-loss ingredient and appetite suppressant.

Though we won’t focus much on the Fit Tea Fatburner capsules, we’ll note that the capsules contain green tea extract and, according to the Fit Tea website, “probiotics,” though we’re not sure what those probiotics are. Green tea extract, or EGCg, is often sold as a weight-loss supplement, though it’s still not proven to be effective.

Fit Tea Reviews

Fit Tea Review
Fit Tea reviews vary greatly. People either seem to love or hate the product, with most of the reviews being either very bad or very good. Most of the positive reviews reported a decrease in bloating, increased energy, and some weight loss. Several reviews were complimentary of the taste of Fit Tea.

Most of those customers who left negative reviews seemed not to experience any weight-loss results, and a few reviewers complained they didn’t like the taste of the tea. Several reviewers said they liked the taste of the tea, but they didn’t experience any results.

Does Fit Tea Work?

So, for all the celebrities supposedly using it and all the hype around Fit Tea, is it really worth purchasing? Bottom line, it depends on who you ask. There are some people who have tried Fit Tea products and say they have seen results. There are almost as many who say they regretted their purchase.

While Fit Tea contains some ingredients which might help you to lose or maintain your weight, drinking Fit Tea and other weight-loss teas can, of course, never replace a healthy diet and moderate exercise.

Other teas that may be able to help include Rooibos tea and Sideritis tea. You should also check with our reviews on Lyfe Tea and Lipo Tea.