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Foojoy Tea Review: Rare Tea Brand Sold in Chinese Restaurants

Foojoy Tea

Aside from exploring different types of herbal, medicinal and luxury brand teas, we at Healthy Teas also like to tell you about the brands available to you. Some you can only buy online, while others you can pick up in your grocery store.

Foojoy Tea is available to consumers by the box, both online and in the stores. Wondering if you should invest in a box or two? Here’s what you need to know about Foojoy teas.

Who are Foojoy Tea?

As far as tea brands go, Foojoy isn’t one of the most commonly known in America. You can find the teas for sale on sites like Amazon and in the physical stores. But you’re more likely to see them at your favorite Chinese restaurant.

Foojoy Teas is a wholesale company based in California. That said, their website will give you a bit of pause. Here’s a direct quote:

As a small wholesale company that relies heavily on distributorship, we usually don’t know where our products end up outside of southern California.

Regardless of whether the company knows to where their products are shipped, we did a bit of research and discovered that they can be found, as noted, on Amazon but also in Walmart and other big box stores.

What Teas Do Foojoy Sell?

Foojoy Teas sells a dozen blends of tea. Most of these are green. For example, you’ll find the Lungching green, the organic China green and the China jasmine green for sale on the web. Or, you could try one of their black teas. Foojoy offer blends such as Lichee black, commonly served in restaurants.

Interesting to note about Foojoy is the variety of tea quality. Some Foojoy teas are marketed as “top-grade whole leaf” teas, while others are advertised as teabags “for your daily fix.”

Foojoy Teas Reviews

Foojoy Tea Review
The reviews of Foojoy teas are mixed, in part because some are from consumers and others are from restaurants. Restaurants are generally pleased with the teas, citing the affordability and ease of purchase.

Consumer reviews vary. Those who drink tea daily and are more discriminating say Foojoy teas are plain, offering nothing spectacular. A few were introduced to the brand when they visited Epcot’s China village, then returned home ad bought a few boxes. Those people said the teas reminded them of vacation.

Other reviews called Foojoy teas “highly overrated” and “alright at best.” Those aren’t exactly stellar reviews. But, all said, the teas are very inexpensive and might make a good daily drink for someone who isn’t particular.

Where to Find Foojoy Teas

The easiest place to sample Foojoy tea is your local Chinese restaurant. Call ahead and ask what brand of tea they serve.

If you’re ready to buy a box, you can buy them very inexpensively on Amazon or at A one-hundred bag box of Foojoy tea retails for less than ten dollars, so you’ll be able to try them without spending too much. Not happy with Foojoy tea? Customers say it’s great as an iced tea.

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