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Good Earth Tea: Review of a US Tea Producer (2018)

Good Earth Tea Review

Good Earth Tea is a United States- based tea company. But just because the tea’s not from Europe or Asia doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not quality tea, right?

Read on to learn what you need to know to decide for yourself.

Who are Good Earth Tea?

Good Earth Tea started in California under a different name. A small department of the Fmali Herb Company, though, began to develop tea blends for the Good Earth Restaurants. A small subsidiary was born from this.

Originally, the Good Earth Tea company was a California -based company. So why is it now headquartered in New Jersey? Well, in 2005, the company was bought by Tetley.

Now, while some may think the purchase of Good Earth Tea by Tetley spells certain doom for a good brand, that may not be altogether true. For the past decade or more, Tetley has encouraged brand developers at Good Earth Tea to product teas that are organic or natural.

Good Earth Tea Blends

Good Earth sells just about every type of tea you can think of. From blacks and greens to whites and oolong, you’ll find most in the Good Earth Tea shop.

Because Good Earth Tea is owned by such a large parent company, it may be tempting to dismiss them. Frequently, as these smaller companies become subsidiaries, they go the way of brands like Fuze, offering gas station teas at gas station prices.

Good Earth Tea does do something just a little different, though. Check out the Sweet & Spicy collection of teas from Good Earth. You’ll find flavors like Good Night (similar to Sleepytime Tea and Chamomile), Wild Child, and Mango Me Crazy. These blends certainly aren’t five star blends, but there’s something a bit different from the ordinary.

Good Earth Tea Reviews

Good Earth Tea
Are Good Earth Teas inferior to other teas just because they’re a New Jersey-based company? Well, no. Not really. But Good Earth Tea reviews are quite mixed.

People who don’t ordinarily drink hot tea love Good Earth Tea. They appreciate the variety in blends, and say the flavors are quite smooth. However, those who do drink hot tea regularly give Good Earth Tea a mediocre review around 80 percent of the time. They say that the tea’s not bad. But there are better.

Where Can I Buy Good Earth Tea?

In most parts of the western world, you can find Good Earth Tea just about everywhere. Walmart carries the brand, as do most large grocery stores. Smaller chains may not have Good Earth Tea available.

If you can’t find Good Earth Tea in your local store, the company offers an interesting option. You can shop Good Earth Tea online, but it’s not just available for purchase. You can also choose to receive a delivery of tea every one, two, three or six months.

Of course, like most brands, you’ll find that Good Earth Tea is listed on Amazon. As always, the prices will vary from seller to seller. But you can choose from subscribe and save and other options when you buy Good Earth Tea.