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Honest Tea Review: The Tea, The Brand and More (2018)

Honest Tea

Elsewhere on this site, we mentioned that there are a variety of teas and drinks you can purchase in your local service station or grocery store. AriZona, for example, is very widely available. Similar to AriZona is Honest Tea.

Honest Tea is a company which produces quite a few products, but is most well known for its teas. Let’s take a look at the brand and see what Honest Tea has to offer.

Who are Honest Tea?

Honest Tea is a Maryland based company with offices in Atlanta. More notably, it’s owned by parent company Coca-Cola.

If you didn’t know about the relationship between Honest Tea and Coca-Cola, there’s a reason for that. The company has worked hard to preserve a reputation for producing quality and natural products. They have effectively separated their marketing from that of the soft drink company.

Honest Tea products are what you’d expect from the name. They’re fair-trade certified, non-GMO, gluten-free and kosher certified. The products are sweetened with cane sugar, honey and fruit juice, and the diet products use stevia and natural sugar alcohols.

Honest Tea offers a few different products. In stores you’ll find Honey Green Tea, Peach Tea, Orange Mango Herbal Tea, Raspberry Tea and others. But are they good? Let’s see what customers are saying.

Honest Tea Reviews: What Customers are Saying

Honest Tea Review
As far as mass marketed teas go, the reviews would say that Honest Tea is okay. Many customers were in search of a product that was a healthy alternative to soft drinks and some of the other sweet teas on the market. Others were just looking for something with a different flavor.

If you’re a sweet tea drinker, you can expect a surprise. Honest Tea isn’t as sweet as teas like AriZona or Lipton bottled teas. It’s a bit more tart than those products as well.

There’s nothing medicinal about Honest Tea. Though the products might have ingredients like honey and chamomile, you won’t find any real health benefit to drinking the teas.

One of the most widely cited complaints about Honest Tea is that the formulas have changed. If you were an Honest Tea drinker a few years ago and are considering switching back, you might want to try a sample bottle before you buy that case. The recipes have changed, and many customers say they liked the previous versions better.

Finally, Honest Tea isn’t as “cheap” as AriZona. But it’s still reasonably priced. You can find individual bottles for just under two dollars. Or, you can opt for a case on Amazon or at a wholesale club. Those will run you around $12 for a dozen.

Should you Try Honest Tea?

If you’re looking for a quick drink on your way to the ball game, feel free to pick up an Honest Tea. They’re all natural, so you don’t have to worry about ingesting strange chemicals. However, if you’re looking for a healthy tea, you’re probably better off brewing your own. Honest Teas are still high in sugar, and shouldn’t be considered healthy.