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Jolie Tea: Who Are They and What do they Do? (Tea in MA)

Jolie Tea

Sometimes the best teas come from little local outfits. Jolie Tea Company is based in Salem, Massachusetts, and distributes tea across the world.

Thinking about visiting or ordering from Jolie Tea? Here’s what you need to know about the company.

Who are Jolie Tea?

Jolie Tea is located at 105 Essex Street in Salem, Massachusetts. They’re in the heart of the historic district, which only serves to lend to the quaint atmosphere of the small shop.

From the outside, the tea shop blends into the surroundings; it’s local to the Peabody Essex Museum and the Hawthorne Hotel. But as you walk through the doors, you’ll realize this is no small-time tea company.

Over 200 loose teas stock the shelves of this store. Black tea, oolong tea, white tea and herbal blends are available to sample. And, speaking of samples, you can buy sampler sets from the store as well. Visitors to the shop say they make great gifts.

On Fridays, Jolie Tea hosts tea tastings. These are informal events where you can stop in and taste a featured blend. Not local to Salem? You can order Jolie Tea online.

Jolie Tea Reviews: What are Others Saying?

Jolie Tea reviews are consistently good. On platforms across the web, the little tea company earns five out of five stars. Here’s what customers have said:

  • The tea at Jolie Tea is always fresh. I always know what to expect.
  • The Friday Tea tastings are great! I can sample new blends and the sales staff is always helpful!
  • The crew over at Jolie Tea really knows their stuff. I’ve had many questions, and they’ve always been ready with an answer.

I’ve never seen so much tea in my life! I visited the shop on vacation and loved the tea so much, I ordered some from home. The freshness was comparable, despite having been shipped.

As you can see, customers both local and long-distance to Jolie Tea have been satisfied with the offerings of the little shop.

Should I Buy Jolie Tea?

Jolie Tea Review
There are many companies which offer specialty tea. Some of those sell organic tea. Some sell tea from a particular region. Then, of course, there are the small batch, hand-picked and processed tea companies.

Jolie Tea is none of those. They don’t source their teas from any particular region, nor do they guarantee their teas are certified organic or non-GMO. Instead, they choose to specialize in two things: variety of tea and the knowledge of the staff.

If you’re accustomed to one or two tea blends but want to branch out, give Jolie Tea a call. The staff can recommend a tea based on your preferences.

Tea at Jolie Tea is sold by the ounce, which means there’s no real commitment. Each ounce of tea will brew 10 to 15 cups. The tea is reasonably priced, even if you account for shipping costs, much more so than brands like Amoda, Mighty Leaf and Adagio. And you’ll have plenty to choose from.

If you’re not particular about the source of your tea, we can recommend you give Jolie Tea a try.