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Lipo Tea Review: Can You Lose Weight Drinking this Tea?

Lipo Tea

You may already know that some teas are marketed for weight loss. Lipo Tea is one of those products. The tea is sold in retailers across the country, from retails like Walgreens to ecommerce shops like Amazon.

Thinking about trying a weight loss tea? Here’s how Lipo Tea is meant to work.

What is Lipo Tea?

You may have heard of the benefits of green tea for weight loss. The caffeine and the natural properties of green tea are said to help enhance weight loss.

Lipo Tea is a little bit different. In fact, it’s not a tea in the way you might think. It’s packaged in disposable tea bags, and you steep it in water. But it’s actually a blend of java, plum and cassia.

Let’s look at those ingredients individually. First, there’s java. Despite what you might infer from the name, “java” is not coffee. It’s a leafy plant which helps to stimulate kidney and bladder function. It’s used in herbal medicine to treat conditions of those organs.

Then there’s plum. As you might imagine from its shriveled sibling, the prune, plum tea helps to aid digestion. It lends a fruity taste to Lipo Tea and can also aid with an upset tummy.

Finally, cassia. Cassia is also used to help the digestive tract. In large doses it can be used as a laxative. In smaller doses it simply smooths out the digestive process.

In short? Lipo Tea is a diuretic which is meant to help you eliminate waste.

Does Lipo Tea Work?

Lipo Tea Review
Any diuretic is going to help you lose weight. Some dieticians even suggest that those who are trying to drop a few pounds drink a glass of warm lemon water. Lemon is one of the most powerful diuretics, and will help to flush fluids out of your system.

There’s something to be said for the water retention people, especially women, experience. Diuretics can speed up the natural process by which the body eliminates toxins and fats, and can be mildly effective in weight loss.

Unfortunately, “water weight” isn’t true weight loss. When you want to lose weight you aim to lose actual fat by shrinking the fat cells in your body. Water weight loss can be a temporary fit for, say, fitting into that bridesmaid dress. But it’s not a long term solution.

Before You Use Lipo Tea

Tea drinkers aren’t afraid to try something new. And if that tea assists in weight loss, what’s the harm, right? Be careful when you drink Lipo Tea. People who have used the product have complained that, while it had the intended “digestive effect,” they suffered severe abdominal cramping.

It’s recommended that before you try any diet tea you consult with your doctor. He or she may have a more comfortable, more permanent approach to weight loss to suggest. Always read the packaging before you try Lipo Tea or any other diet product, and ask your doctor before you use it if you’re pregnant.

The same goes with any herbal tea, as discussed in our guide to herbal tea and pregnancy.