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Lyfe Tea Review: Does This Weight-Loss Tea Work? (2018)

Lyfe Tea Review

There are dozens of weight loss teas available if you’re trying to make lifestyle changes Lyfe Tea is one of those. Shopping for weight loss supplements is daunting, at best. Curious about Lyfe Tea? Here’s what you need to know about the product.

What is Lyfe Tea?

Lyfe Tea isn’t so much a tea as if is a line of health supplements. These supplements are advertised as weight loss aids and marketed toward women.

There are a few products available within the Lyfe Tea line. First, there’s the “Teatox.” This, as you might imagine, is meant to detox the body of impurities and toxins.

Secondly, there’s the morning tea. It’s supposed to aid the digestive system in eliminating waste and toxins from the body. In short, it’s a laxative tea, putting it in the same category as Ballerina tea and Smooth Move tea.

There are matcha powders, coffee blends and chai blends as well as flavored teas and even skin care products. The Lyfe Tea brand has a flavor for everyone.

But you want to know if the products work. Here’s what customers have to say about Lyfe Tea and the effect the products have on weight loss.

Lyfe Tea Reviews

Lyfe Tea
We’re going to be as objective as possible. We understand the desire to find a weight loss product which actually works. We scoured reviews from across the web to find out if Lyfe Tea is just that product, and came up short.

If would seem as if a majority of customers who tried Lyfe Tea were very disappointed. Many claimed that after the first few days, they lost around three or four pounds, but quickly gained it back.

There were also specific problems with some of the ingredients in the Lyfe Tea products. First, guarana is said to be an energy booster. Unfortunately, the herb is very high in caffeine. Customers said they felt jittery and even dizzy because of the caffeine content of Lyfe Tea.

Secondly, yerba mate also has high amounts of caffeine. In addition to the jittery feeling, caffeine can cause dehydration. This is especially true in conjunction with the diuretics in Lyfe Tea.

The final problematic ingredient is senna. Senna is, in simple terms, a laxative. Many customers complained that they suffered abdominal cramping and diarrhea. They thought this likely to be caused by the senna.

Overall, the weight loss customers experienced when taking Lyfe Tea was in all reality fluid loss and a side effect of severe diarrhea. That said, those customers weren’t happy with the Lyfe Tea product line.

Should You Try Lyfe Tea?

Before you try any weight loss supplement or tea for weight loss, check with your doctor. Because Lyfe Tea contains ingredients which are high in caffeine, this is especially important.

If you’re cleared for weight loss, shop around. While Lyfe Tea offers a broad range of products for weight loss, most customers were dissatisfied with the results. The water weight loss is temporary and the diarrhea and abdominal pain may not be worth the handful of pounds you’ll lose.