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Mother’s Milk Tea: Benefits of Tea for Breastfeeding and Pregnancy

Mother’s Milk Tea

Are you breastfeeding your baby? You may have heard of Mother’s Milk Tea. Mother’s Milk Tea is produced by Traditional Medicinals and is said to promote lactation in breastfeeding mothers. But does it work? Is it safe to drink Mother’s Milk Tea while breastfeeding? Let’s take a look at the product.

What is Mother’s Milk Tea

Mother’s Milk Tea is a blend of fennel, coriander, anise and fenugreek, similar to the blend in CCF tea. These are ingredients which are said to promote milk production in lactating women, and have in fact been used for centuries for just that purpose.

The taste of Mother’s Milk Tea is just what you’d expect by looking at the ingredients. It’s an earthy but sweet, slightly licorice-tasting tea, and most who have tried it say it tastes pleasant.

Mother’s Milk Tea, like all Traditional Medicinals products, is certified organic and kosher. So what do those ingredients do?


Fenugreek has been used to improve lactation since biblical times. It can also help to resolve anemia, common in pregnant women. Be forewarned, though: it may make your urine smell like maple syrup.


Coriander is another ingredient which will help promote lactation. Like fenugreek, it has an odd side effect: it can make your breath smell like eucalyptus.


In addition to helping breastfeeding, the fennel in Mother’s Milk Tea has been shown to help reduce flatulence. There’s a good supply of calcium, magnesium, iron and niacin in fennel, too.


Anise can simulate estrogen in your body, making it helpful during breastfeeding. It’s also known to help relieve stomachaches, which can reduce baby’s reflux and other issues.

Does Mother’s Milk Tea Work?

Mother’s Milk Tea Benefits

According to a majority of Mother’s Milk Tea reviews, the tea actually does work. Mothers who used the tea felt as if they were more “full” at feeding time. Those mothers who pumped said they were more readily able to do so.

Particularly impressive were the women who were made to pump “on demand.” Many women were only designated a few minutes to pump while at work, and while it’s difficult to pump at the whim of an employer, women who used Mother’s Milk Tea found doing so easier.

Some women drank Mother’s Milk Tea just in the morning, while others sipped it throughout the day. There was no marked difference in production between these two groups of women.

Should I Try Mother’s Milk Tea?

As with any product, if you’re breastfeeding please check with your doctor before you take any herbal supplement. The ingredients in Mother’s Milk Tea are thought to be safe; they’ve been used for centuries. Nevertheless, consult your doctor of midwife before you take the supplement.

If you’re cleared to use it, Mother’s Milk Tea could be quite helpful to you. By stimulating lactation production, you may find that you’re less tender at feeding time and you’re better able to pump.

On the whole, customers were quite satisfied with the results they got from Mother’s Milk Tea, and we have no reason to think you wouldn’t be, too.