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Numi Tea Review: Premier Tea for the US Market in 2018

Numi Tea Review

Numi Tea is marketed as a premium tea in American stores. It’s often sold in specialty shops and the “premium” grocery stores. Is it as good as they say? What are others saying about Numi Tea?

Here’s all you need to know about Numi Tea and the products available.

Who are Numi Tea?

Numi Tea was created back in 1999 by a brother-sister team. Ahmed Rahim is brother side of the operation. A theater and psychology major, Ahmed is responsible for the actual creation of the tea blends sold by Numi Tea.

Sister Reem holds a Bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering. She then went on to earn a Master’s in Arts and Consciousness Studies. She’s the artist behind the operation. She’s responsible for package design, marketing and the “visual” side of the company.

So what do an actor and biomedical engineering major know about tea? Well, they at least know how to market it.

Numi Tea, over the past two decades or so, has earned a reputation as a quality tea. In other words, customers view Numi as at least a step up over the Liptons on the shelves.

Like many other tea distributors, Numi Tea makes no claims to good health other than those natural benefits of tea. They offer a wide range of products from Jasmine Green to Chocolate Spice.

Numi Tea Reviews

Numi Tea Reviews

What are customers saying about Numi Tea? Does it live up to its reputation of a luxury tea, with the fancy packaging and higher than average prices? Let’s take a look.

First of all, the prices. The average box of Numi Tea sells for between $8 and $10. That’s well over the average. Consider Stash Tea, which sells for as low as $3 per box. Or Yogi Tea, which is priced at around $4. Numi Tea is priced much higher than comparable brands, and that is disappointing to some customers.

What are Numi Tea reviews saying about the flavor of the tea? Actually, those reviews are quite good. Customers say the teas are full bodied and strong enough to justify at least part of the price. Some customers even say they’re able to steep tea bags twice to help cut the cost.

Numi is described as smooth, flavorful and not at all bitter. Customers had good experiences brewing iced tea from Numi Teas, and no one was disappointed with the selection of teas available.

As far as selection goes, there’s something for everyone. The Jasmine Green is a fan favorite, but people also enjoyed:

Should You Buy Numi Tea?

If you can ignore the fact that you’re paying twice the price as you would for other brands, Numi Tea is a great option for tea lovers. Looking for an iced tea? You could brew your own. However, Numi also sells bottled iced tea at grocery stores and smaller retailers.

But if the price point is too high for you, there are certainly other alternatives to the Numi Tea brand. Buy your regular brand and save a box of Numi for company.