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Healthy Teas Privacy Policy

The following terms relate to the privacy of the users of Healthy-Teas. As a content website that does not have a newsletter, does not run a competition and does not sell a product or a service, there is little to no need for us to request a user’s information.

However, in order to safeguard our users and explain our processes we have created the following privacy policies. Should you have any questions about the terms listed herein, refer to the final segment where you will find details on getting in touch.

Basic Information

Healthy-Teas is a content site, also known as a blog. The goal of Healthy-Teas is to write content that informs, entertains and enlightens, all of which is related to healthy teas, herbs, coffee and more.

Healthy-Teas does not sell a product or a service, however, it does link to other sites and services that do. These include affiliate networks, affiliate partnerships, and ad networks, all of which are used to monetize the site so we, the owners, can continue to pay the writing staff, the web hosting bills, and everything else that is required to keep a busy site like this active.

Because Healthy-Teas dos not sell a product, offer a service, drop-ship, or do anything of the sort, the way we interact with our readers is a little different to the sites that do all of these things. However, we have still put this site behind a secure SSL certificate, ensuring it stays safe no matter what, and we also endeavor to keep our readers safe, secure and informed of our actions where possible.

Your Information

Healthy-Teas does not sell a product. It does not sell a service. As a result, there are no situations in which we will request any sensitive personal information or financial information from a user. There are times when other, basic information will be requested though.

This includes our contact forms, which are used to receive information from our readers in the form of questions and comments. If you use this form then you will be asked to submit a name and an email address. This is the only time when Healthy-Teas will request information from you and the process is entirely optional.

Healthy-Teas also uses Google Analytics to gather basic data from its website visitors. This includes traffic reports, which tell the website owners where the traffic comes from, what it does when it is there, and where it goes when it leaves.

Why We Request Your Information

In the case of contact forms, the information is requested purely so that we know where to send a reply and so we know who to address that reply to. If you want to make a comment that does not require a reply then you are free to use a fake email address and name. If you want to receive a reply then you can use your real email address and any name you choose. We will then reply to that email.

This process is done to facilitate communication between website owners and readers, allowing for comments, questions, suggestions and other feedback to be made.

Where Google Analytics is concerned we gather the data just so we can get a better idea of how many people are using the site, which countries they come from and how long they spend on it.

What we do With This Information

As discussed above, this information is gathered to facilitate the growth of Healthy-Teas and to help with communication between readers and site owners. This information is basic and non-sensitive, but we still value the privacy of our readers. That’s why we use an SSL certificate to protect even the most basic of information transfer and why we promise never to sell, lease, trade or give this information away.

This information will remain either on secure third-party servers or on our own secure servers. It will be deleted when it is no longer needed, which is often straight after the information has been gathered.


Healthy-Teas does use cookies. We believe that these improve the user experience and are perfectly safe and acceptable way of helping to facilitate a user’s enjoyment of a content website such as this one.

Third-Party Websites

Healthy-Teas reserve the right to work with third-party websites on occasion. These websites establish affiliations with the owners of Healthy-Teas and these affiliations can be based on link placements, product placement, coupons, banners, pop-ups and more. These affiliations are based on financial incentives and readers should not consider any inclusion of such links as an endorsement of any kind.

The privacy policies listed on this page relate to Healthy-Teas and only to Healthy-Teas. Any reader leaving this site for an affiliated site should seek out the terms and policies of said site as they will be different to the ones listed here. These sites may or may not request personal, sensitive and financial information and it may operate differently to Healthy-Teas. Because of this, Healthy-Teas, its owners and its operators can accept no responsibility for anything that happens to a user when they leave this site for one of its affiliates.


By continuing to use the Healthy-Teas website after reading these terms and conditions your consent is implied. If this should not be the case then you are invited to close this website down.

Learn More

Should there be something in these terms that you do not understand, or if you have a related question to put to us, then please use our Contact Us page. This page contains an FAQ, which may provide some of the answers that you seek. There is also a contact form at the end which you can use to send us any questions or comments.

If there is something else you would like to know about how we operate and you can not find it here, take a look at our Terms and Conditions, where we address ownership, copyright and more. You can also look at our About Us page, where we discuss a little more about who we are, what we do, and why we do it.