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Pure Leaf Tea Review: Iced Tea Brand Loved by All

Pure Leaf Tea Review
If you’re looking for an iced tea brand you can conveniently pick up whenever you make your regular grocery run, check out Pure Leaf Tea. Pure Leaf teas are convenient, and they are traditionally brewed using tea leaves, not powdered tea like many bottled brands.

Pure Leaf Tea is a subsidiary of Pepsi-Co and Lipton, but as an individual company, they have set standard sustainability practices.

Pure Leaf Products

Pure Leaf Tea is sold in three separate lines of products: Leaf-Brewed Iced Tea, the Tea House Collection, and Home Brewed Teas. All Pure Leaf tea products use tea from Rainforest Alliance Certified estates. These estates value social and economic opportunities for local communities and have a focus on making a minimal environmental impact.

Pure Leaf Tea is possibly best known for the bottled tea you can readily find in the supermarket and some convenience stores, which are part of the Leaf-Brewed Iced Tea line. Many of the teas in this line are available in individual, 59-ounce, and gallon bottles.

There are a number of fairly basic flavors in this collection, with green tea blends and black tea blends, available in sweetened, unsweetened and sweetened diet varieties. The diet teas are sweetened with sucralose, sometimes marketed as Splenda, and acesulfame potassium, or acesulfame-K, which has been shown to be a safe artificial sweetener.

The Tea House Collection is Pure Leaf Tea’s other bottled tea line, and it offers more unique tea than the Leaf-Brewed line. You can try flavors such as the organic black tea blends Strawberry & Garden Mint and Wild Blackberry & Sage or the organic green tea blend, Fuji Apple & Ginger. With such tasty sounding options, it’s hard not to be tempted to try them!

Pure Leaf Tea also offers both pyramid tea bags, tea sachets, and loose-leaf tea varieties for your home-brewing enjoyment. The Home Brewed Tea line offers great tea staples like English Breakfast, Pure Matcha, and Black Tea with Raspberry.

Pure Leaf Tea Reviews

Pure Leaf Tea

We looked at a lot of reviews for Pure Leaf Tea and found they were mostly positive. Pure Leaf’s affordable price point was a big plus for many customers. Both Pure Leaf sweetened and unsweetened varieties had good reviews.

Customers who tried Pure Leaf Teas called the tea blends delicious and refreshing, and quite a few of the reviews we read reported that the Pure Leaf blends taste like home-brewed tea. Several reviews even said that Pure Leaf Unsweetened Tea was the best unsweetened bottled tea they have ever tried.

There are some bad reviews of Pure Leaf Tea, and for the most part, the unhappy customers complained that they did not like the taste and found the tea to be too bitter. Some of the negative reviews also expressed disappointment in finding out that Pure Leaf Tea is owned by Lipton and also said the quality of Pure Leaf Tea was very similar to (and not much better tasting than) Lipton bottled tea.

Should You Buy Pure Leaf Tea?

All in all, people seem to like Pure Leaf Tea products. While they are owned by large corporation, the company makes an effort to benefit the communities where the tea is sourced. The affordability and availability make this bottled tea pretty hard to beat.