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Smooth Move Tea: Dangers, Benefits and Side Effects of this Laxative Tea

Smooth Move Tea Benefits

Elsewhere on the Healthy Teas site, we explored Mother’s Milk Tea. The company which manufactures this tea is Traditional Medicinals, and Mother’s Milk Tea got great reviews by breastfeeding mothers.

Smooth Move is another tea made by the company. As the name suggests, it’s supposed to be a gentle laxative, aiding tea drinkers in digestion. Does Smooth Move work? Is it safe to use? What’s in it, anyway? Here’s what you need to know about Traditional Medicinals Smooth Move Tea.

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What is Smooth Move Tea?

As you wander through the pharmacy department of just about any store, you’ll see a huge range of laxative teas. Some contain senna and others contain synthetic ingredients. They may be advertised as weight loss products or as detox products.

Smooth Move tea will likely not be among them. You’ll typically find this tea in the grocery section, sitting on the shelf beside the mint teas and the Liptons. But it’s a laxative tea, and it’s meant to help you make the digestive tract work a little more, well, smoothly.

The difference between Smooth Move and other laxatives is that it contains organic and natural ingredients. There are no synthetic chemicals which could harm your body, and it’s not supposed to give you cramps.

Does Smooth Move tea work? Here’s what’s in the tea, and what others are saying.

What’s in Smooth Move Tea?

Smooth Move Tea

Smooth Move, like many herbal remedies, contains senna. Senna is a natural stimulant laxative. That means that it’s meant to trigger contractions in the bowels, increasing the possibility that you’ll use the bathroom.

It also contains a few other ingredients. Fennel, licorice root, orange peel and ginger are a few. Most of the ingredients are meant to soothe the tummy, reducing the chance that you’ll experience cramping.

What are customers saying? Well, you’ll find reviews across the web. And most of them are excellent. Here’s what we noticed about Smooth Move Tea reviews.

First of all, there were a few customers who said the tea works too well for everyday use. After the first use, a few customers found themselves in the bathroom all night. Those people would recommend that you drink Smooth Move tea only as needed.

Many more customers said they felt the Smooth Move tea was safe enough to drink every day. They did not experience any cramping but did notice that their digestive systems seemed to be working a bit better.

Is Smooth Move Safe to Drink?

Remember that the FDA doesn’t evaluate dietary supplements. So the ingredients are not proven safe. However, they have been used for centuries. Senna, for example, has been used historically to prevent and treat gastrointestinal problems.

No tests, conclusive or otherwise, have been conducted on Smooth Move tea. But the ingredients in the tea are considered “generally recognized as safe” by the US Food and Drug Administration.

What that in mind, and as the customer reviews of Smooth Move were largely positive, we suggest you give the tea a try yourself.