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Tea Society Reviews: Membership, Rewards and More in 2018

Tea Society Review

Are you a member of a rewards program? For example, that grocery store hangtag on your keychain? Or the coffee club at your local coffee house? Well, there’s a tea club for that.

Tea Society is a rewards program for tea drinkers. It’s a part of the T2 Tea stores, but the rewards also apply to online shoppers. Thinking about joining the “Tea Society?” Here’s what you need to know.

Who are Tea Society?

T2 stores are brick and mortar tea houses. There are a few select locations around the United States, including Chicago, Boston, California and several in New York. To find a location near you, simply visit the T2 website and enter your zip code.

If you’re not local to a T2 (a great many of you won’t be) you can choose to buy tea online. When you sign up for Tea Society, you’ll receive free shipping on your first order, so it’s easy to give it a try.

So what about the Tea Society? Is it worth the time it takes to enter your email address into the form? If you’re local to a T2 retailer, maybe. There are “perks” associated with the customer loyalty program, including:

  • Free gift wrap
  • A free full sized cup of tea on your birthday
  • Occasional invitations to “exclusive” events
  • A Tea-Time Card offering the 12th tea free – available in-store only
  • Occasional access to special promotions

However, if you’re not local to a T2 location, the benefits aren’t quite useful. You might enjoy the initial free shipping offer. Otherwise, these perks won’t do you much good.

Tea Society Reviews

Tea Society Reviews

So what about the Tea Society tea? What are others saying? Unfortunately, the Tea Society reviews are pretty middle of the road.

Customers who have visited T2 locations have said the products are “okay.” Many were disappointed that the tea room seemed to cater more to the hipsters and party crowd than actual tea drinkers.

As shipments go, the reviews were varied, as well. Most customers opted for the smaller, 3.5 ounce tea cubes as they sampled a few blends. Most customers said their teas tasted fresh when they received them. But there were those who said the tea was excessively dry and brittle.

The price point of Tea Society teas is around average. You can expect to pay about $15 to $18 for that 3.5 ounce pack. The gift selection at T2 is pretty slim. You’ll choose from a few glasses, insulated mugs, infusers and several teacups.

Should You Join the Tea Society?

If you are local to a T2 store, sure. We don’t see why not. If nothing else, you will get a free cup of tea once each year. But if you are long-distance to the Tea Society network, you will likely be disappointed.

Take advantage of that first, free shipping order and decide what you think of the tea. But by most accounts, you’ll find a better quality tea elsewhere (including with Yogi and Numi) and the gift selection leaves something to be desired as well.