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Write for Us

Write For Us

We post a lot of content on this site and even though we have a few writers working for us to keep that content coming, it’s not easy. In order to stop us from falling behind, we’re open to submissions from writers who are serious about their work and want to join the Healthy Teas team.

But before you skip to the end, please read the guidelines below as there are some other rules that we ask submitters to follow.

We get it, you’re probably submitting to a number of different sites and you just want to copy, paste and move on. We’ve been there ourselves and so have our writers. But our editors are busy guys…and we pay them by the hour, so we have asked them to skip over any submissions that do not follow these guidelines and to only focus on the ones that do. If you want to stand a chance, then please keep these guidelines in mind.

Main Guidelines

It’s not just our editors’ time that we don’t want to waste, it’s yours as well, so let’s make these points clear early on:

  • DO NOT: Send us full, original articles. We reject far more than we accept and wouldn’t want you to waste your time writing our original content only to be rejected because of something unrelated to your capabilities as a writer.
  • DO NOT: Send us articles with spammy links. We’re fairly broad on what we consider spammy links and you can find more details on this below.
  • DO: Approach first with a writing sample and some details on what you hope to achieve by working for us.
  • DO: Tell us why you want to write about healthy teas.

Also, please don’t send us copy and paste messages that proclaim how much you love our site and/or content and how you have been our biggest fan for years. You’d be surprised how many emails like this we receive. Although not as surprised as us, because we’ve only been live for a few months.

Guidelines: What we Accept

  1. Original Content: Everything submitted to Healthy-Teas once an agreement has been made with a writer should be 100% original. It will be tested with CopyScape to ensure this is the case.
  2. Guides of 1,000 Words or More: All articles submitted to Healthy-Teas need to be at least 1,000 words and should be evergreen. Ideally, we want extended guides that will be as relevant and helpful now as they will in several years.
  3. Relevant Content: We are only interested in tea and how it helps those who drink it. We’re not interested in anything unrelated to this topic or anything that blatantly advertises something completely irrelevant.
  4. Well Researched Content: We prefer guides that have high authority links, including university studies and academic research. If you make a claim, back it up with a link to a study. We don’t want hearsay and are not interested in crazy claims that have no basis in truth.

Write for Us Guidelines: What we do Not Accept

  1. Spammy Links or Content: If you plan to insert links to an adult site, gambling site or a site related to drugs (cannabis included) please do not use the form. We’re not interested in publishing such content, even if the guide itself is well written.
  2. Repeated Submissions: If you followed our guidelines then we will endeavor to respond within 2 weeks to refuse your submission or to discuss it further. However, we can make no guarantees with regards to this.
  3. Promotional Material: We are not interested in glowing reviews of brands or products that we have not personally tried and endorsed, nor are we interested in reviews that place a brand or product in a a highly negative light. Our goal is to always remain neutral and to err on the side of positive.

Where we Stand on Guest Posts

Write About Tea

In our Contact Us section we made it fairly clear that we do not accept guest posts, purely because that particular page had a lot of spammy submissions that went against everything mentioned above. The truth is that we are happy to look at such posts, but they need to meet the terms mentioned herein and can not include links to any of the following, either in the article or the bio:

  • Gambling sites
  • Adult sites
  • Legal sites
  • Drug-related sites
  • Directories
  • E-commerce sites (tea included)

We understand that this is a lot of work for a single guest post, and we’re okay with that, because we would rather pay our writers to create content for us. Take a look at our Ts & Cs to learn more about writing for us.

Terms and Conditions for Our Writers

Writing Opportunity

  • Writers can choose to submit guest posts or to be paid for their submissions. We have a team of writers already being paid for their content though and they charge very competitive rates while delivering high quality content. If you wish to be paid for your work please provide us with a sample and with a price for 5 articles that follow the above Write for Us guidelines.
  • All work submitted to will be the sole copyright of, with writers agreeing to relinquish control as soon as an understanding (in the form of payment or non-paying contractual agreement) is reached.
  • We reserve the right to edit articles, remove links, change paragraphs and alter attributions where required.
  • If an article is no longer a good fit for the site, we reserve the right to remove it, but the rights will only return to the writer if no payment was made for the article.
  • Payments will be negotiated on a case by case basis for articles that are accepted for publication. Healthy-Teas make no guarantees with regards to the size of this payment.

Write For Us

Okay, that’s it—we promise!

So, now that you have read though our Write For Us guidelines and terms, feel free to use the form below. We know we’ve dragged on, but it’s necessary to try and cut down on the spam (you wouldn’t believe how bad this can be).

As mentioned above, do not send us original, full articles. We will try to respond within 2 weeks to all submissions and once we find a writer whose bio and sample we like we will open a discussion to take it further. If you do not hear from us within 2 weeks you can assume that your query has been rejected.