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Yogi Tea: Who Are There and Do They Make You Poop?

Yogi Tea

Yogi Tea is another company that sells a variety of blends of tea. The company focuses on the household market, and you can find the products in most major chains and grocery stores.

So what do customers think of Yogi Teas? Are they healthy teas? Let’s take a look at Yogi and see what they have to offer.

Who are Yogi Tea?

As tea companies go, Yogi Tea is pretty new. Elsewhere on Healthy Teas, we’ve explored companies like Teekanne which have been around for over a century. Yogi Tea wasn’t begun until 1984.

That’s not to say the company hasn’t established itself among other tea producers. The story of Yogi Tea supposedly begins on a college campus in California. Yogi Bhajan, who had spent some time in India (home of Darjeeling tea), where he’d learned about blends of teas and spices.

After yoga class one day, Yogi Bhajan served a cup of tea to each of his students. Reportedly, they were hooked, and the Yogi Tea company was born. The man began to market his product locally in the late 1960s, and after over a decade the Yogi Tea company became a national brand.

Today, Yogi Tea is sold in the United States, Canada, Japan and some parts of Europe. They are meant to treat a variety of ailments, so let’s look at a few common questions customers have about Yogi Tea.

Does Yogi Tea Make You Poop?

This is a question we’ve gotten from a few of our readers. Does Yogi Tea make you poop? Well, Yogi Tea is both a diuretic and a laxative. Yes, it will make you poop, though a majority of customers don’t complain of stomach cramping or other trouble.

Does Yogi Blueberry Tea Help You Lose Weight?

Yogi Blueberry Slim Life is actually a green tea. Customers say it tastes great, but most of those who have used it for weight loss haven’t noticed a big difference between Yogi Tea and other green teas. So, while green tea does have weight loss benefits, the benefit of Yogi Tea is negligible.

Do Yogi Teas Help Your Skin?

Yogi Tea sells a few versions of its healthy skin products. The teas contain ingredients like nettle leaf, mullein leaf and schisandra berry, which are traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine. These ingredients are said to help promote healthy skin and to hydrate the body.

Will Yogi Tea Help You Sleep?

Yes! Some of the best Yogi Tea reviews are those of the sleep teas. And there are quite a few. Choose from the chamomile, the Bedtime, Calming, Relaxed Mind and Stress Relief teas. Customers have had great experiences with each and every one of them.

Do Yogi Teas Taste Good?

Yogi Tea reviews are mixed when it comes to taste. Most customers love the basic flavors: chamomile, peppermint and even the cinnamon vanilla. But some say the detox tea is a bit harsh, and the skin care products are a little bitter.

In short, it’s likely just a matter of personal preference. Yogi Tea is a new company, but they’ve made a name for themselves. They’re affordable products, so we recommend you choose a blend and try Yogi Tea for yourself.